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a little about me
 a little history about my self
_____ i am a addict in recorvery ive fucked up a lot lately w that
-------- I had 8 years the time , then 3 years , then 1 month now i have just over a week.
 ----- I am a bisexual wiccan man , I have not been with a man in the past 6 years tho, bit Guess im still bisexual since I could be easily atracted to man , I just  not to be w any men these days , Idont need to add anyone els to the drama
-----Ive  seen way too much shit in my life  
------ Im 27 going on 50
------- i have a hand full of kids 
       > girl named willow that i have not seen in 3  almost 4 years she is 5 (I alsao had 3 other kid with this women they taken by the state of NC)(this women was my first wife , we were common law)
        > london 3 years old 
         >mike jr 2 years old
        > iris 4 months old 
Ive been in alot of truolbe growing up .but i guess thats whats make me me what ive seen and don in this crazy life , Ive come close to death about 15 times , my mom says im here for a reason . The question, when will the universe releive that reason

mikey sr


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